Wave in Spring with Costume Ring Bling!

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then costume jewelry runs a close second! I love to visit clothes accessory stores and be surrounded by purses, bracelets, hair clips, earrings, rings, and an assortment of sparkly, jeweled items that perk up any plain or simple or smashing outfit!

One piece of jewelry that I am particularly fond of, along with many other people, is the finger ring. Finger rings enhance hands as much as manicured fingernails do. Sometimes even more!

A finger ring is a circular band worn as a type or ornamental jewelry around the finger. Rings can be of almost any material, being made from metal, plastic, wood, bone, glass and gemstones (I love gemstone rings)!



Rings are often set with a stone of some sort, which can be a precious gemstone such as a diamond, a ruby, a sapphire or an emerald.

The  fourth digit or finger (including the thumb) is the ring finger. We all know that the ring finger of the left hand is the appropriate placement for a wedding ring. However, as a rule of thumb (no pun intended), there are no set in stone rules on what fingers you place what rings. If a single guy or gal chooses to adorn their left ring finger with some sort of gorgeous ring bling, they can most certainly do so with the utmost confidence!

All fingers look great decorated in costume ring bling!


I find it attractive, and quite trendy at the moment, to wear a large costume ring on your index or middle finger. Many times these large rings extend over the knuckle (which can make it difficult to bend your finger), but sometimes regal style is worth a little inconvenience!

Some popular types of costume rings are birthstone rings, cameo rings, cocktail rings, eternity rings, friendship rings, mood rings and thumb rings. There are darling rings on the market for young girls that are perfectly fitting to be given to their BFFs to signify their close and savored friendships.


I am a fan of thumb rings. To me, when I see someone wearing a thumb ring, they look hip and original.


Rings adorn any hand in precious pretty fashion and vary from small to medium to large in size. The most common rings are rings that are set in size, adjustable rings and rings with elastic bands that shape themselves to fit any size finger.  

Whether you prefer to go barehanded, wear only one or two simple rings, or go all out for the glam ring gusto, you can turn natural hands into happy hands merely by slipping on some stylish, dazzling ring bling!


Most rings are worn at the end of the finger, pushed down over the knuckle. However, if you want a more original look, you can wear the ring above the knuckle. As I said, fashion rules can be thrown out the window!


Rings are an item of jewelry that have been traced back to the Ancient Near East. Old Kingdom Egypt had a variety of finger rings. Egyptian rings became more common during the middle kingdom, with increasingly complex design. The various Egyptian styles were replaced by Greek and Roman fashions during the Ptolemaic dynasty.

In today’s modern times, rings are just as cherished and just as much in demand as any other jewelry. I am so used to wearing rings that if I for some reason leave the house without my rings dressing up my fingers, I feel like my hands are empty. I’m sure many of you can relate to that feeling as well.

Rings wake your hands up! And your eyes, as they suck in the beautiful sight of the rings perched in all of their prettiness on your dainty fingers!


Rings are colorful! Rings are revered! Rings are super!


There is another type of ring, that I didn’t mention, that is just as marvelous as the finger ring. This ring makes your eyes water, your mouth salivate and your stomach growl!


The tasty, tongue titillating onion ring! Onion rings are fun to eat if you place them over your fingers like finger rings, and then bite into them with spunk! However, I don’t suggest that you eat these delicious delicacies this way in public!

Let your fingers wave in spring wearing spicy, superb costume ring bling!

Finger rings get a big thumbs up in my book!

Author Nancy Mangano is the author of two riveting novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Nancy has weaved her love of investigatory work and her fetish for fashion into her novels. Visit Nancy on her author website at www.nancymangano.com, her author/style blog at www.passionforprying.wordpress.com, Twitter @nancymangano and her author Facebook page Nancy Mangano.



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