Murder Can Be Messy Sneak Peek

To all outward appearances, Blake and Victoria Belmont are the envious Beverly Hills power couple.  When private investigator Natalie North is hired by the socialite Victoria Belmont to catch the magnetic Blake Belmont, the sole heir to the Belmont Beer fortune, with his billion dollar pants down, Natalie discovers Blake’s double life.  Natalie summons the help of her two wannabe spy friends, her boss Norton North, who happens to be her father, and Darren McAllister, her L.A. senior deputy district attorney love interest, to prevent the conniving Victoria from taking Blake for all of his worth.  Can Natalie intercede and prevent Blake’s billion dollar breathing body from becoming a billion dollar corpse?

Find out in my new novel, Murder Can Be Messy, available in hardcover, softcover and ebook format at retail and online bookstores in October 2012!

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