Yes, as a fashion maven I am fully aware that showing one’s ankles is considered sexy and charming. As a shoe horse, I’m also completely sold on ankle boots,  a shoe that invariably covers the ankles! As in anything, there is a time and a place for everything!

A fashion boot is a boot worn for reasons of style and fashion rather than for utilitarian purposes (i.e., not hiking boots, riding boots, rain boots, etc.).  The term fashion boots generally applies to women’s boots. Fashion boots come in a variety of styles, from ankle boots to thigh length, and are worn for casual, formal and business attire.

Ankle boots give your feet something to glow about!

Ankle boots are the mostly widely worn style of fashion boots, a great shoe to wear under pants or with a skirt or dress of any length. Ankle boots can vary in length from booties or shoe boots (effectively a shoe boot that skims the ankle) to boots that cover the lower part of the calf.

Fashion Boot Fun Fact: Although boots were a popular style of women’s footwear in the Nineteenth century, they weren’t recognized as a high fashion item until the 1960s. Boots became widely popular in the 1970s and have remained a staple of women’s winter wardrobes to date.

Whether you arrive early or fashionably late, when you step in wearing alluring ankle boots, people will adore the shoes that you’re in!

American designer Beth Levine is widely credited as the first person to introduce boots into Haute Couture. As early as 1953, Beth Levine introduced under the Herbert Levine label a calf-length boot in white kidskin. In 1957, Herbert Levine produced an entire collection based around fashion boots, and calf-high, kitten heeled fashion boots for women began to grow in popularity.

Rising dress hemlines and the availability of new, brightly colored artificial materials such as PVC combined to make boots an attractive fashion option for women. As skirts became shorter during the 1960s (think miniskirts) there was a keen interest in ankle boots, knee high boots and thigh high boots.

Let’s clap our hands, move our feet and do the ankle boot scoot boogie to the music beat! Ah, a tempting treat for the feet!

Ankle Boot Fun Fact: Ankle boots look great with skirts, dresses, shorts and pants. No matter your outfit, no matter your mood, when you are dressed in ankle boots, your entire clothing ensemble is pulled together with a sexy fashion attitude!

The Standard Boot Design:

  1. Fashion boots employ the same range of soles and heels as found in other shoes (rubber, canvas, stiletto heel, flat, thick heel, high heel, etc.).
  2. In boots, the shaft height varies.
  3. Ankle boots generally have a shaft height of less than 8 inches.
  4. Calf-length boots have a shaft height of 8 to 15 inches.
  5. Knee-length boots have a shaft height of 15 – 19 inches.
  6. Thigh-high boots have a shaft height of 19 or more inches.
  7. The shaft of a fashion boot can be fitted or loose.
  8. Boots can be pulled onto the foot or be fitted using fasteners, such as laces, zippers, and/or buttons.

A fun closet is a closet ankle deep in ankle boots!

Fashion Boots Fun Fact: Although fashion boots, and particularly ‘go-go boots’, are often described as typical of the 1960s fashion, it wasn’t until the 1970s that boots became a mainstream fashion staple for women. For many women in the 1960s, boots were seen as a superfluous accessory more suitable for teenagers and college girls than grown women. In a 1968 survey posted in The New York Times, 75% of office managers surveyed disapproved of their female staff wearing boots to work. By contrast, in 1977 boots made up 20% of all women’s shoe sales in the United States.  By the end of the 1970s, Sears, Montgomery Wards and Kays sold boots from their catalogs.

Ankle boots remain a very popular staple in women’s shoes.  Ankle boots can be worn with pants and look particularly eye catching with straight legged jeans. Ankle boots are also a splendid shoe to wear as a popular, pretty alternative to sandals.

Popular Types of Women’s Fashion Boots:

  1. Ankle Boots
  2. Cowgirl Boots
  3. Go-Go Boots
  4. Kinky Boots
  5. Knee-High Boots
  6. Over-the-Knee Boots
  7. Platform Boots
  8. Russian Boots
  9. Thigh-High Boots

Let’s give a shout out and a hoot to a great, rocking pair of ankle boots!

Whether you wear your ankle boots on the catwalk, the runway, or your own signature way, when your festive feet are decorated in ankle boots you’ll enjoy every step of your day!

“Your black suede ankle boots look simply stunning as you strut down the street.”

“Yes, not only are they gorgeous to stare at, but they fit so snug and comfy on my feet.”

“So your ankle boots are truly made for walking all around the town?”

“Yes, and they are just as splendid if I run, dance or merely just sit down.”

“I adore the glamour of the ankle boot that accentuates the shape of your calf.”

“They cover my ankles but expose my legs, so you still get half-and-half!”

Ankle Boots: Strike a pose as you wear your ankle boots everywhere that you go! Put on your own “ankle boot” fashion show!

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Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying, Murder Can Be Messy and Deadly Decisions – A Natalie North Novel. Visit Nancy on her author website http://www.nancymangano.com, Twitter @https://twitter.com/nancymangano, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at http://www.struttinginstyle.com, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nancy-Mangano/362187023895846





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Nancy Mangano resides in Orange County, CA. She has blended her love of detective work and style in her novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy.
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