We all know the incredible power of a gorgeous flower! Flowers are beautiful, graceful, delicate, colorful and make you feel good. Flowers bring out the same warm emotions when printed on our garment fabrics and materials.

Flowers are sometimes known as blooms or blossoms and have long been admired and used by  humans to beautify their environment, and also as objects of romance, ritual, religion and medicine.

Flower patterns – fashion fierce!


Do you have flowery words for someone you admire but don’t know how to articulate your words? Bring them a breathtaking bouquet of flowers! They’ll understand!

Flower clothing patterns not only bring happiness to others who see your fine apparel, but to you, the wearer, as well. Did you wake up in a blue mood or without much energy? Dress in the powerful flower prints and brighten your mood and your day!

Flower Fun Fact: The essential parts of a flower can be considered in two parts: the vegetative part, consisting of petals and associated structures in the perianth, and the reproductive sexual parts. A stereotypical flower consists of four kinds of structures attached to the tip of a short stalk. Each of these kinds of parts is arranged in a whorl on the flower’s receptacle. The four main whorls are the calyx, corolla, androecium and the gynoecium.

Too much flower information? In the fashion realm, all you really need to know is that flower and floral print clothing puts a spring in your step and beauty on your body!

Flower prints are pretty, pleasing and perfectly suited for any occasion or event that you may be attending.

Flowers come in all glorious colors. Many flowering plants reflect as much light as possible within the range of visible wavelengths. Flowers that reflect the full range of visible light are generally perceived as white by a human observer. The color model used by human color technology (CMYK) relies on the modulation of pigments that divide the spectrum into broad areas of absorption.

Absorb luscious life and alluring aesthetics into your daily environment by wearing fabulous flowery fashions!

Many flowers have important symbolic meanings in Western culture. The practice of assigning meanings to flowers is known as floriography. Common examples of floriography are:

  1. Red roses are given as a symbol of love, beauty and passion.
  2. Poppies are a symbol of consolation in the time of death.
  3. Irises/Lillies are used in burials as a symbol referring to “resurrection/life” and are associated with stars and the sun and petals blooming/shining.
  4. Daisies are a symbol of innocence.

Flower Fun Fact: In the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, red poppies are worn to commemorate soldiers who have died in times of war.

Fight your way to fashion fierce in fantastic, festive flower garments!

Although flowers are highly associated with spring and summer, sunshine and light, youth and playfulness, winter garments splattered with flowers look amazing. Black garments coated with colorful flower prints add sparkle and happiness to your clothing with an elegant, sensual black backdrop!

Frivolous flower fun for any day that you want to play!

Flower Fun Fact: In modern times people have sought ways to cultivate, buy, wear or be around flowers and blooming plants, partly because of their pleasant appearance and swell smell. Around the world, people use flowers for a wide range of events and functions:

  1. Births and Christenings
  2. Parties
  3. Friendships
  4. Engagements
  5. Weddings
  6. Bon Voyage Parties
  7. Funerals

Many cultures draw a connection between flowers and life and death, and because of a flower’s seasonal return, flowers also suggest a rebirth. In ancient times, the Greeks would place a crown of flowers on the head of the deceased, as well as cover tombs with wreaths and flower petals. Rich and powerful women in ancient Egypt would wear floral headdresses and necklaces upon their death as representations of renewal and a joyful afterlife.

Are you ready for a fashion change and a new you? Adorn your body in flowery prints and pose like you own it! Because, fashion divas, you certainly do!

Fashion power in fun florals and flowers!


The great variety of delicate and beautiful flowers has given popularity and power to fashion, hour after hour!

“I told him not to bring me flowers on Valentine’s Day.”

“You must have had a headache if I dare to say.”

“Oh no. I wanted flowers in the form of a dress.”

“Were you testing his love ? Did he pass the test?”

“I merely wanted his money to go the distance and the mile.”

“So you got a flower print dress that will last and make you smile?”

“Yes. I picked it out myself and I look smashing in the outfit.”

“The whole package. Sexy, beautiful, smart and you have a great wit!”

Flower print power!


Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano







About authornancymangano

Nancy Mangano resides in Orange County, CA. She has blended her love of detective work and style in her novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy.
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