What is one cosmetic that can change the entire look of your face, as well as your mood? Lipstick or lip gloss, by far. No matter the size of your lips, when coated with lipstick or gloss, eyes are drawn to your mouth when they look at your face. Especially bright, bold, knockout colors. If you want to test my theory, stand in front of the mirror wearing nude or neutral lipsticks. Pretty, right? Now take that gloss off and apply a bold red, purple or orange lipstick and see how much more your face pops (and I’ll bet your mood elevates also)! There is no denying that powerful colors of lipstick pack a powerful punch.

Now, what is the one color of lipstick that always stands out, elicits images of romance, confidence and love, and brings out your sexy, sensual side? Red, hands down!

Red is the color at the end of the spectrum of visible light next to orange and opposite violet. Red is a warm color associated with positivity, exuding a strong and powerful masculine energy. The color red energizes, stimulates and excites!

Sultry and hip in a radiant red lip!

Red Fun Fact: Red is an additive primary color of visible light, along with green and blue, which in the Red Green Blue (RGB) color systems combined to create all the colors on a computer monitor or television screen. Red is also one of the subtractive primary colors, along with yellow and blue, of the RYB color space and traditional color wheel used by painters and artists.

Enhance your artistic makeup direction – paint your lips to red perfection!

Reds can vary in shade from a near pink to a dark maroon or burgundy, and in hue from the bright orange-red scarlet or vermilion to the bluish-red crimson.

For lips that are kissable and killer, go with bright, bold, rock-on reds!

The color red represents energy, action, desire and passion. The same is true for red lipsticks, they always stay in fashion!

Positive Word Associated With the Color Red:

  1. Action
  2. Energy
  3. Speed
  4. Attention-getting
  5. Assertive
  6. Confident
  7. Stimulating
  8. Exciting
  9. Powerful
  10. Passionate
  11. Driven
  12. Courageous
  13. Strong
  14. Spontaneous
  15. Determined
  16. Motivating

Not too shabby! Never look dull or drab.

Did I mention that red lips demand attention?

Red lipstick and lip gloss shades don’t play favorites. No matter what your skin tone (pale, alabaster, medium or dark) the perfect red shade exists for you and demands to be noticed!

Red Fun Fact: The word red is derived from the Old English read. The word can be further traced to the Proto-Germanic rauthaz and the Proto-Indo European root rewd. In Sanskrit, the word rudhira means red or blood. In the Akkadian language of Ancient Mesopotamia and in the modern Inuit language of Inuit, the word for red is the same word as “like blood”. In the Russian language, the word for red, Kpachlih (krasniy) comes from the same Slavic root as the words for beautiful (krasiviy) and excellent (prekrasniy).

Luscious lips of red – enough said!


Red Fun Fact: It is a common belief in the United States that red cars are stopped for speeding more often than other color cars. However, there is no statistical evidence to prove this true. The next time a red fire truck passes by, you’ll see there is no way you can miss the red color!

Red is such a popular, powerful color that the word Red has been used numerous times in movie titles:

  1. The Woman in Red
  2. Reds
  3. Raise the Red Lantern
  4. Three Colors: Red
  5. Red
  6. Red Dog
  7. Red State
  8. Red Dawn
  9. Red Lips: Mind Trips (OK, I made that one up, but come on, when you see a gorgeous pair of red lips your mind wanders dreamily)!

There is no denying that bountiful, beautiful red lips look really ravishing!

Red Lip Tip: If you want to step out in desirable, robust red lips yet you prefer a dry look, go with a matte lipstick. If you want your lips to shimmer and shine with a wet look, go for red lip gloss! Either way, your finished product will be lips that are impossible to miss and supple enough to kiss!

Red Fun Fact: Red is the color most commonly associated with joy and well being. Red is the color of celebration and ceremony. Red is also the most traditional color of seats in opera houses and theaters.

For a makeup look that is both dramatic and theatrical, the red lip will take you to the top step! Magical!

Red is the color that attracts attention, associated with dynamism and activity.

Nancy’s Glamour Tip: If you want to exude off the charts sensuality and sexuality, paint your mouth with a regal red lip!

“You turn heads dressed in all red garments with your bright red lipstick!”

“Yes, everywhere you go you better carry a big stick.”

“You’ll attract fans, groupies and maybe a few unwanted stalkers.”

“People will gawk at you, watch you walk by, and you’ll get stopped by talkers.”

“Everywhere you go in red you give off an eye catching reflection.”

“That is okay. I can handle the mounds of super attention!”

Red Lipstick Warning: When you walk the streets wearing red lips so fine, watch who’s coming up behind you from time to time!


Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano






About authornancymangano

Nancy Mangano resides in Orange County, CA. She has blended her love of detective work and style in her novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy.
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