Wouldn’t you like to dress in a print that exudes vitality, life, color, design and a unique pattern for a fabulous fashion flair? Then I suggest plaid…pure plaid pandemonium!

Plaid is a pattern that never goes out of style and is easily recognizable. In 2015/2016 fashion – plaid is truly in!

Plaid is the American and Canadian English word for Tartan, a pattern consisting of crossed horizontal and vertical bands in two or more colors in woven cloth.


Common Examples of Plaid Patterns Include:

  1. Gingham and Border tartan, featuring bands of equal widths in a simple pattern similar to the check pattern.
  2. Tattersall (cloth), featuring very wide bands alternating with very narrow bands of contrasting colors.
  3. Madras (cloth), a lightweight cotton fabric, typically with patterned texture and tartan design, also known as “Madrasi checks”.

Plaid Fun Fact: Although plaid material resembles checks, there is a difference. A standard checkered pattern generally consists of bands that are the same size, resembling a square, where the height and width band are equal lengths.

15798075190_35ec0a9eae_b10116183-Plaid-And-PearlsbpTZ5lJuntitledNancy Venice Beach

Plaid clothes are often times made of wool, but can be found in cotton, polyester and other popular materials.

Plaid Fun Fact: Plaid is worn in Scotland and in England by both men and women. The early Celtic people excelled in dyeing and wearing multi-colored, checkered plaids, woven or sewn together in asymmetrical squares of different colors.

Plaid Types:

  1. Shepherd’s Plaid – Black and white.
  2. Tartan Plaid – Crossbars of three or more colors combined in designs distinctive of the different Highland clans.
  3. Modern Plaid – Any plaid pattern, as a plaid gingham.
  4. Checkerboard Plaid – Red and black.

It’s hard to feel down when dressed in colorful plaid! Plaid puts you in a cheery mood so wear plaid with attitude!


As with all clothing patterns, if you feel excessive plaid is too much for you, or you want a fabric to add a touch of posh and pizzazz to a solid outfit, plaid accessories always look “with it.”


Just the right touch of plaid will drive you fashion mad!

Plaid Fun Fact: Through the Middle Ages, and until the 18th century, the people of North Britain belted their plaids about them, the lower part forming the kilt, the upper part the cloak.

Full Plaid Fun Fact: A full plaid is a long piece of tartan fabric, traditionally worn as part of a full highland dress uniform. Full plaid usually matches the tartan of the kilt, pleated the whole way, with half of its length sewn shut (pleats cannot open). Its length is almost twice the height of the wearer. The full plaid is wrapped around the wearer’s chest and under the right arm, pulled firmly to the body. Think members of pipe bands!

Popular plaid pandemonium. Love and live the look!



Additional Plaid Fun Facts:

  1. The most popular plaid pattern is a general textile pattern.
  2. Plaid is the name of an album by guitarist Blues Saraceno.
  3. Plaid Cymru is the largest political party in advocating independence for Wales.
  4. Plaid is the name of a general purpose, object oriented computer programming language.

Speak your own fashion language: Plaid is rad!

Summer-2014-Women-Fashion-High-Quality-Long-Sleeved-Shirt-Slim-Lapel-Plaid-font-b-Cotton-bBootlovers_com on Pinterest + plaid skirt

Dress up or down in colorful plaid for a look that’s all around “the best to be had!”

“Excuse me if I stop and stare.”

“Your plaid dress is a great garment to wear.”

“If you add knee-high boots you look fit for the town.”

“And a five-inch stiletto is the best look around.”

“If you wear the plaid dress with sneakers you look playful and fun.”

“And a flat ballerina shoe cannot be outdone.”

“Plaid is a look that wins every time – pure fantastic fashion sublime!”

Be glad you wore plaid!

Nancy Venice Beach

Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano


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Nancy Mangano resides in Orange County, CA. She has blended her love of detective work and style in her novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy.
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