Whether you’ve been good or bad, naughty or nice, you can still surround your head with a hip, happening halo! How? Let’s hear it for the headband. The popular hair accessory highlights the head with fashion flair and has been doing so for centuries.

Headbands are a clothing accessory worn in the hair or around the forehead, usually to hold hair away from the face and eyes. Headbands often consist of a loop of elastic material, or a horseshoe shaped piece of flexible plastic or metal. Headbands come in assorted shapes and sizes, and in addition to being worn for practicality, they make for great fashion accessories.

A halo of headbands for a happening head!

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Headbands are made from many materials, such as wood, leather, plastic, metal, fabric, hemp, human and animal hair, bone and novelty. Knit and crocheted headbands are a favorite! Leather headbands are usually glued onto a harder plastic headband, or they are hand-stitched. Plastic headbands, which are common, can be wavy, straight or angled and come in many colors.

Fabric headbands (knit, crochet, cotton) are comfortable because they tend to have an elastic band that forms to the head, and the headband doesn’t dig into the head or apply extra pressure from the weight! Amen! I’ve worn some fabulous looking headbands in my day that have dug into my scalp, but they looked great! Words many fashionistas will relate to!


Headband Fun Fact: In Japanese culture, hachimaki headbands may symbolize determination or devotion!

The beginning of headbands started no later than the ancient Greeks, around 475 BC to 330 BC, who wore head wreaths. The Greeks and Romans wore these pieces for special occasions or important events. Cultures such as the Etruscans and Romans started to decorate their head wreaths with jewels made of gold and silver. While head wreaths have developed into headbands, headbands have also evolved from scarves that were worn around the head.

Headband Fun Fact: Horseshoe shaped headbands are sometimes called Alice bands, after the headbands that Alice is often wearing in Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

Headbands are hip and happening hair ornaments for girls and women! (And guys too)!


In the early 20th century, wide headbands known as headache bands were a popular accessory in women’s fashion. Their name results from the belief that the tight pressure they provide around the forehead and temples could relieve headaches. (Say what? Warning: If your headband is too tight, the gorgeous fashion decoration can cause headaches)! The French called these headbands a bandeau/bandeaux. In the 1910s, headbands made of lace, crochet and ribbons were popular.

In the 1920s and 1930s, headbands became more dramatic and were often made from exotic fabrics decorated with feathers. During this period, jeweled headbands came into popular fashion, often decorated with precious metals and gems.


Headband Fun Fact: In 1985, Princess Diana famously wore an emerald and diamond choker as a headband in Melbourne, Australia, on the occasion of a state tour of Australia!

Headband Tip: Chokers that slide around the neck without fastening do substitute as hip, glamorous headbands. One piece of jewelry – two fabulous ways to wear the shimmery gem!


Practical Reasons to Wear Headbands:

  1. Some specialized headbands are designed to be worn covering the ears, to protect from cold temperatures and snow. These headbands tend to broaden in width and be made from heavier fabrics.
  2. Headbands are sometimes worn around the forehead during physical activity to absorb sweat and to keep the perspiration from reaching the eyes. Sweatbands are often made of terry cloth, as it is a particularly absorbent fabric.

Fashionable Reasons to Wear Headbands:

  1. Headbands highlight your face and razzle, dazzle.
  2. Headbands are glamorous, pretty halos around your head.
  3. Hair accessories are high fashion.
  4. Novelty headbands can be used for holidays and may have decorations attached, such as bunny ears and/or reindeer antlers.


Headbands: Ideal hair accessories for optimal style and fashion function!

Fit your head fabulously into a fabulous headband!

Headband Fun Fact: Toothed headbands have comb-like teeth that help to secure the headbands to stay in place on the head.

“I do believe an angel just entered the room.”

“An angel? I’m not so sure. She arrived on a broom.”

“Look around her head. There’s a sparkling vision of light.”

“That’s her gem-filled headband.”

“Ah, so it is. Superb. She wears the exquisite flair just right!”


Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy.  Visit Nancy on her author website http://www.nancymangano.com, Twitter @https://twitter.com/nancymangano, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at http://www.struttinginstyle.com, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nancy-Mangano/362187023895846


About authornancymangano

Nancy Mangano resides in Orange County, CA. She has blended her love of detective work and style in her novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy.
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