Shoes. If you look up the word shoe in the dictionary, you’ll find a shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot while doing various activities. If you ask most women to define the word shoe, you’ll most likely get told, “Shoes are one of my best friends!”

As someone who can get lost in high heels, I love both stiletto pumps (the shoe having a long, thin, sleek heel and the sole flat on the ground) and platform shoes (generally the heel is a bit wider than a stiletto and the shoe is raised off of the ground an inch or more – hence the name platform). Both types of heeled shoes are darling, but each type generates a more stylish, knock-out look, depending on what outfit you are wearing the shoes with.

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So many heels! What sensational shoe will do?

As a style buff, and a fashion lover of heeled shoes, here is my take on the proper heel for the proper pants:

Straight legged pants = Stiletto heels, pumps.


Flared bottom pants (bell bottoms) = Platforms.


Fashion Flare Shoe Analogy: With straight legged pants, the entire shoe is exposed, and by offsetting the tight ankle pant leg with a classy heeled shoe, the wearer displays a more elegant, sleek and sexy look.

Platform shoes, depending on the width of the heel and the height of the platform, can sometimes look clunky and/or bulky. If the pant leg flares at the bottom (bell bottom style) the end of the pant leg generally drapes over the shoe a bit, and a darling, eye-catching platform shoe is the perfect shoe to add allure to the outfit. This look almost gives the illusion of playing peek-a-boo with your shoes, as the material of the flared pant leg  hides a portion of the shoe as you walk (strut), and the vision of the thicker heel wears real well with the flared pants.

The best thing about style and fashion is that it really boils down to “each their own!” Whatever clothes and shoes make you feel comfortable and good about your appearance is how you should dress.  Speaking of dress, aesthetically, I prefer stiletto pumps with dresses, as once again, if wearing a dress, the entire shoe is exposed and the delicate pump will elongate your legs and polish off your feminine look.


But, there is always a but, the one look that I find so attractive mixing platforms and a dress is when you are wearing a tight, pencil skirt where the hem of the skirt is right below the knee, and a form-fitted blouse. This look is downright sexy and slinky, and a nice platform shoe adds the finishing touch, much like the cherry on top of the hot fudge sundae!


Glamour and fashion should be fun!  Mixing the right outfit can be just as artistic and creative to the wearer as a painting is to an artist or a song is to a musician. Wearing colorful, trendy clothes can even make you feel like a dull, rainy day is bursting over with glorious sunshine.

When walking to your car, or pumping gas, you can look and feel like you’re strutting the catwalk!  Meow!


So the next time that you go shoe shopping, or you rummage through your closet looking for the perfect pair of shoes to show off, remember:

Whether platforms or pumps, a sexy, sleek stiletto shoe will do, thank you!


Shoe Fun Fact: The basic anatomy of a shoe is recognizable, although the look of the shoes themselves vary greatly. Most shoes consist of a sole, insole, outsole, midsole, heel, upper, vamp, toe box. Wow, who ever knew a shoe was so complicated? Shoe repair men, probably.

“Excuse me, but that is one stunning pair of shoes on your feet!”

“Gorgeous, slinky, provocative!”

“Thanks for giving my eyes a treat!”

Platforms or pumps? The final look is, well, sweet!


Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Nancy has blended her love of detective work and her lifelong love affair with fashion into her books. Visit Nancy on her author website, her Fashion/Style/Beauty Bonanza Strutting in Style at, Twitter @ and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano


About authornancymangano

Nancy Mangano resides in Orange County, CA. She has blended her love of detective work and style in her novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy.
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