Man, Oh Man, What a Suit Wearing Woman!

One positive, crucial element of the fashion world is that certain clothing can be worn by both males and females, and the polished look is strikingly stylish. Androgynous (exhibiting both male and female traits) trends and styles can be pulled off to fashion elegance, and the tuxedo suit, along with some types of business suits, is a prime example of this male/female phenomenon!

A tuxedo, or dinner jacket, is a formal evening suit distinguished primarily by satin or grosgrain facing on the jacket’s lapels and buttons, and a similar stripe along the outseam of the trousers. The suit is typically black and commonly worn with a formal shirt, shoes and other accessories, most traditionally in the form prescribed by the black tie dress code.

A suit is a set of garments made from the same cloth, consisting of a jacket and trousers. There are variations in design, cut and material, such as two and three-piece suits, and single or double breasted suits. Suits originated as menswear, but now pants suits and business suits are a favorite mode of dress for females, as well.

Women appear alluring and appealing when dressed feminine in what began as men’s clothing!


Women generally do not wear neckties with their suits, but when pulling off the tuxedo look, or when placing the female flair onto something traditionally worn by men, a necktie fits just as lovely as a nice necklace would!





Suit Fun Fact: The word suit derives from the French suite, meaning “following”, from the Late Latin derivative form of the Latin verb sequor, which translates to “I follow”, because the component garments (jacket and trousers and waistcoat) follow each other, and have the same cloth and color, and are worn together.

Create a following of fans when you walk out in the world covered in modern menswear clothing!

Step out looking lovely and all together, when you’re dressed from head to toe in handsome suit splendor!



For a change of pace, I think that women rocking suits that resemble men’s clothing look sharp, and even sultry. When the suit is worn with high heels and feminine jewelry, the androgynous look is striking and stunning!

Tuxedo Fun Fact: The tuxedo, in the context of menswear, originated in the United States around 1888. The garment was named after Tuxedo Park, a Hudson Valley enclave for New York’s social elite, where the tuxedo was often seen in its early years. The term tuxedo was capitalized until the 1930s, and at first referred only to the jacket. When the jacket was given its own unique trousers and accessories in the 1900s, the term began to be associated with the entire suit.



If your goal is to dress to give credit to the androgynous look (exhibiting both male and female traits), you will carry off the look much more if you wear colors of gray, black, brown, navy, etc., as most men wear these colors when dressed in a suit. However, if you want to truly make an entrance, a pink or purple or baby blue suit will do and look great on you!

Tuxedo Jacket Fun Fact: In French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish, Russian and other European languages, the tuxedo jacket is sometimes called a smoking jacket. In Spanish, it is an esmoquin. This name is in reference to the jacket’s early similarity to Victorian smoking jackets.

Man, oh man, what a suit wearing woman!



When wearing a pants suit, a lacy blouse, a men’s dress shirt, or no top at all wears well underneath the jacket. Depending on where you are going, the shirt that you select, or decide to do without, can dress the suit up or down. Whatever your preference!



The men’s suit ensemble for women is a fancy, elegant and vogue look that is great to show off at a New Year’s Eve party, or some other festive or holiday occasion!

Glamorous and glorious!

Dressed like a man, but every ounce a woman!



A great finishing touch to the androgynous male/female suit is topping the larger than life look off with a hat!

Tip your hat to the look that is sophisticated, exquisite and sure to cause a hoot! The suit!

As a final note, fancy silk scarves that resemble floppy ascot ties highlight pant suits with fashionable flair. Dare to wear the men’s trouser suit. Arguing my fashion taste in this case is highly moot!

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Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying, Murder Can Be Messy and Deadly Decisions – A Natalie North Novel. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano





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Nancy Mangano resides in Orange County, CA. She has blended her love of detective work and style in her novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy.
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