My Oh My: I Love the Glitter Lining Your Eyes!

Glitter and all things sparkly are fun and vibrant. Looking at shimmery, bedazzling, fizzy things makes you feel good. When it comes to eye makeup, the more glitter, the more glitz.

I’ve covered glittered eye shadows and colored mascaras, and now I want to entertain you and help you bring out the true pop of your eyes with glitter eyeliner! For any dramatic, stand out eye, eyeliner is a must! Although most eyeliners are black or gray, colored, glittery eyeliner is fabulous for a night on the town, or merely to ramp up the volume of your magnetizing eyes!

I was in a beauty supply store a few days back, picking up a brand of lip gloss that I love (I change colors, but I tend to stick to makeup brands that I have learned work well for me). At the counter, there were numerous bottles of colored, sparkly, glittery eyeliner, so of course, I bought some. I purchased a glorious shade of green and a dark silver, and have I had fun experimenting with them! 

Glitter eyeliner adds the extra punch that puts the pow and the pop into the eyes!


I find that glitter eyeliner tends to look best when you brush a swoop under the bottom eyelashes, and directly above the upper eyelashes. I feel that a darker color underneath the eye, and a lighter shade above the eye, works best for me. However, this is fashion and playful fun, so you should wear your glitter eyeliner in whatever way you feel is the best for you!

Dare to be your own vampy, makeup vixen!

Bring out your precious peepers with glitter eyeliner. Whether you prefer a look that is subtle, or an over-the-top, dramatic eye, you should definitely give glitter eyeliner a try!


Glitter Eyeliner Tip: Glitter eyeliner blends well with powdered eye shadows. If the eyeliner is worn with liquid or glitter shadow, the eyeliner tends to get lost in the eye shadow. For maximum contrast, glitter eyeliner highlights powdered eye shadow extremely well!


Glitter eyeliner comes in both pencil format and liquid format. I find that the liquid eyeliner works better for me with glitter eyeliner, yet for my basic black eyeliner, I prefer to use an eyeliner pencil with a sharp point.

Glitter Eyeliner Fun Fact: When applying glitter eyeliner to your upper eyelid, extending the eyeliner a bit past the end of the eye looks pretty and engaging! Flashy and fantastic!


Glitter Eyeliner Fun Fact: Sometimes, when applying glitter eyeliner, some glitter pieces land on your eyelashes, so you may want to apply mascara last. However, a few speckles of glitter over your eyelashes merely adds to the loveliness of your glamorous glitter eyes!

For removing glitter eyeliner, I have found that most products that are made to remove your eye makeup work just as well in taking away your glitter eyeliner. Even closing your eyes and dabbing them lightly with warm water helps to remove the glitter eyeliner. Also, Vaseline works wonders for removing eye makeup!


People look you in the eye all day long, everywhere that you go. So, why not add some sparkle and beauty not only to yourself, but to their vision of you, as well?

Let your eyes truly twinkle!

My oh my, I love the glitter lining your eyes!


Glitter eyeliners and gussied up eyes wear well with softer shades of blush, and nude or pale pink lipsticks and glosses!

Go for the gusto with eyes that have been brought out to glamour girl gorgeousness with glorious shades of glitter eyeliner!



Who is that peeking out from behind those fabulous, glittery eyes?

The eyes have it and you own it!

Step out in confidence and style when you walk a mile in eyes that sparkle and shine!

Author Nancy Mangano is the author of two Natalie North mystery novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy.  Nancy has blended her love of detective work and her fashion fetish into her books. Visit Nancy on her author website, her author/fashion/style blog, Twitter @nancymangano and her author “like” Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano.



About authornancymangano

Nancy Mangano resides in Orange County, CA. She has blended her love of detective work and style in her novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy.
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