Sleek and Chic, You Have It All in Skirts!

Whether you are dressing for comfort, dressing to impress or dressing to flirt, you can accomplish every intention when dressed in a skirt!

Skirts are classy, comfortable, feminine and fiercely stylish!

A skirt is a tube or cone shaped garment that hangs from the waist and covers all or part of the legs. At its simplest, a skirt can be a draped garment made out of a single piece of material, but most skirts are fitted to the body at the waist and fuller below, with the fullness introduced by darts, gores, pleats or panels.


Modern skirts are usually made of light to mid-weight fabrics, such as denim, jersey, worsted and poplin. Skirts of thin or clingy fabrics are often worn with slips to make the material of the skirt drape, for a better fit.

Sleek and chic, you have it all in skirts!

No matter the material, the cut, or the style, you wear it well in skirts! In fashion, skirts go the extra mile!


The hemlines of skirts vary according to the personal taste of the wearer, and the hem can be located at the top of the thigh (short, short mini skirts) or the hem of the skirt can cover your ankles (long maxi skirts). No matter your preference or your mood of the day, you can find a type of skirt that shouts your name and you can wear the apparel your own unique way!

My most favorite skirt is the pencil skirt. Pencil skirts get their name because they fit tight and straight up and down, much like a pencil. Pencil skirts, no matter the hem length, are always exceptionally seductive and sexy to look at and to wear. This skirt is a true definition of sleek and chic!


If you are a true style fashionista and you are taking notes, make sure to use your pencil to write, “Must buy pencil skirt!”

Pencil Skirt Tip: The pencil skirt, due to the slinky nature of the cut of the skirt, looks best when worn with high heels. This cut of skirt almost needs heels to tie the look together, and pencil skirts and flat shoes tend to look frumpy!

Fashion and frumpy do not belong in the same sentence, let alone in the same outfit!

There are so many types of skirts to choose from, some being:

  1. Pencil Skirt or Straight Skirt – A tailored skirt that hangs straight from the hips and fitted from the waist to the hips. The skirt may have a vent for walking.
  2. Full Skirt – A skirt with fullness gathered into the waistband.
  3. Short Skirt or Mini Skirt – The hemline lands on the thigh.
  4. Bell-Shaped Skirt – Flared noticeably from the waist.
  5. A-Line Skirt – A skirt with a slight flare, the skirt is basically in the shape of an A.
  6. Pleated Skirt – A skirt with fullness reduced to fit the waist by means of regular pleats.
  7. Maxi Skirt – A skirt that goes to your ankles and generally rests on the hips as opposed to the waist.
  8. Demin Skirt – A skirt made from denim/jean material.
  9. Leather Skirt – A skirt made of leather.
  10. Circle Skirt – A skirt cut into sections to make one or more circles with a hole for the waist, so the skirt is full but hangs smoothly from the waist.
  11. Hobble Skirt – The skirt is long and tight with a narrow enough hem to impede the wearer’s walk or stride.

So many types of skirts and not enough time to wear them all!

Depending on the cut, style and material of the skirt, skirts wear well with all different types of tops and blouses!


When it comes to skirts and dresses, I prefer to wear skirts, and then add my own top, shoes, etc. to make a complete outfit. There is something about the two piece difference with a blouse and a skirt, as opposed to a dress that is one complete material, that makes me prefer skirts over dresses (although there are a ton of majorly cute dresses on the market today)!

Skirt Fun Fact: From 1967 to 1970, the mini-skirt spiked in popularity. At this time, skirts became as short as possible while avoiding exposure to underwear.



Since the 1970s and the rise of pants/trousers for women as an option for most occasions, not one skirt length has dominated fashion for long, with short and ankle length styles often appearing side-by-side on the runway, in fashion magazines and in clothing catalogs.

One skirt that is always in fashion is the demin skirt, and the jean skirt comes in all lengths, to fit most anybody’s personal taste and style!


Skirt Fun Fact: Skirts are a type of clothing that I feel look extremely trendy and cute when the skirt is one solid color, and the top or blouse is polka dots. Polka dot garments and accessories are a skirt’s best friend.

Overall, skirts are a fashion item that are highly versatile and wear well with an assortment of shoes, shirts and jewelry!


Skirts are one type of clothing that work well for business but never look boring!

And sleek, knee length skirts look exquisite when worn with knee high boots, and sweater tops or cashmere sweaters! This is one classy and cozy look.

Whether long or short, tight or full, skirts are always rocking and never dull!


Skirt Tip: Skirts are a feminine garment that create glamour and posh when worn with platform shoes!

Not sure what to wear to that next event to create a buzz or a stir?  The skirt! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


From sophisticated to sassy, and from day to night, there is always a skirt that will fit you just right!

Are you looking for a subtle way to flirt? Simply adorn the fabulous you in an irresistible skirt!

Skirt: One garment that can bring you mounds of happiness at a reasonable cost! So get your money’s worth and your fashion fix in a gorgeous, glamorous skirt!

Author Nancy Mangano is the author of two novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Nancy has blended her love of detective work and her flair for fashion into her books. Visit Nancy on her author website at, her author/fashion/style blog, Twitter @nancymangano and her author “like” Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano.


About authornancymangano

Nancy Mangano resides in Orange County, CA. She has blended her love of detective work and style in her novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy.
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