Bracelets: Alluring and Dandy Arm Candy!

Bracelets are to bare arms what necklaces are to open necked garments: Ornamental jewelry that captivates and entices the senses!

Bracelets are alluring and dandy arm candy!

Bracelets are gorgeous to look at, add elegance and glamour to your outfit and decorate bare arms. Although bracelets do spice up a bare arm, the fun piece of jewelry also wears well when you are dressed in short sleeved or long sleeved garments.

A bracelet is an article of jewelry that is worn around the wrist. The bracelet can fit loose and dangle, or fit more snuggly like a watch. There are also arm bracelets that are made to wear on the upper arm (armlets), above the elbow and below the shoulder. These particular bracelets fit tightly so as to stay in place, firmly on your arm.

Bracelets are beautiful!



Bracelets can be manufactured from metal, leather, cloth, plastic or other materials, and often times contain jewels, rocks, wood, shells, crystals, metal or plastic hoops, pearls and many more materials. In addition to adorning the wearer, bracelets are also used for medical and identification purposes.

Adorn your arms in the always popular, never out of style, turquoise bracelet!



Fashion Fun Fact: The origin of the term bracelet is from the Greek “brachile” meaning “of the arm”, stemming from the Old French word “barcel”.

Bracelets come in a variety of types and an enormous amount of colors and materials!

Popular Types of Bracelets:

  1. Charm Bracelets:  A charm bracelet carries personal charms, decorative pendants and trinkets, and many times the charms are symbols of important things in the wearer’s life.
  2. Bangles:  Rigid bracelets, usually from metal, wood or plastic, and they can be smooth in texture or set with stones. In India, glass bangles are common.
  3. Slap Bracelets:  Flat, felt covered metal strips that curve around one’s wrist when gently hit against it – these bracelets are often adorned with neon colors and vivid graphics.
  4. Beaded Bracelets:  Made from loose beads with a center hole and connected by a piece of string or elastic band through the holes.
  5. Link Bracelets:  Bracelets made from connecting or linking various or similar components or jewelry findings. i.e., linking chains.
  6. Karma Bracelets:  These bracelets are made from wood beads and may contain various charms. The Karma bracelet is associated with bringing good luck and good karma to those who wear them.

Most of us have probably owned at least one charm bracelet in our lifetime. Charm bracelets are, well, charming!


A nice benefit of the charm bracelet is that you can continue to add charms to the jewelry as significant milestone events transpire in your life (pictures of your children, birthstone gems, etc.)!

Another glistening and popular bracelet is the tennis bracelet. Tennis bracelets are usually dainty bracelets made from one thin line of diamonds or crystals.


Tennis Bracelet Fun Fact:  The tennis bracelet term is attributed to tennis star Chris Evert who halted the 1987 US Open tennis tournament to retrieve her lost in-line diamond bracelet, created by George Bedewi. The tennis bracelet has a feminine, regal look and comes in a variety of styles, perfect to wear either to the office or for a fancy, trendy night on the town.

How bracelets are worn is completely up to the preference of the wearer. A single bracelet on one wrist, numerous thin, gold and silver danglys, numerous bracelets slinking up one arm, or numerous bracelets on both wrists. This is fashion, this is fun, this is your style!

Why not create your own trademark and wear your bracelets in a unique variety of ways?

Remember, the main rule of fashion: There are no set in stone rules! Rules? In fashion you can break any preconceived rule and not have to worry about getting a ticket. In fact, you may even start a new fad!




Bracelets are an item of jewelry that are worn and revered around the world!

The history of Egyptian bracelets is as old as 5000 BCE, starting with materials like bones, stones and woods to serve religious and spiritual interests. In some parts of India, the number and type of bangles worn by a woman denotes her marital status. In Bulgaria there is a tradition called Martenitsa, which involves tying a red and white string around the wrist to please Baba Marta in order for the season of spring to come sooner. And in Greece, a similar tradition, weaving a bracelet from red and white string on the first day of March, and wearing the bracelet until the end of summer, is called “Martis” and is considered to help protect the wearer’s skin from the strong Greek sun!






Whether you drape you bare or sleeve covered arms in gold and silver bracelets, or neon colored, for sure to get noticed bracelets, bracelets add appeal to all arms and adorn even the most conservative of outfits.

Give your arms a perfect fit with a piece of jewelry that will be a sure hit!


Armlets are sleek and sexy and I love the looks of arms showing off elegant, classy armlets!


Bracelets decorate your wrists and your arms with dazzling delight!

Bracelets are by far the best accessory for bare arms.

So show off your beautiful bracelets as you flex your biceps!

I never go anywhere without wearing at least one bracelet! In fact, I already have my bracelets for tomorrow picked out. So spend your day the enticing bracelet way!

Gorgeous elegance and candy for your charmed arms!

Author Nancy Mangano if the author of two novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Nancy has woven her love of detective work and her passion for fashion into her books. Visit Nancy on her author website at, her author/fashion/style blog at, Twitter @nancymangano and her author “like” Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano.


About authornancymangano

Nancy Mangano resides in Orange County, CA. She has blended her love of detective work and style in her novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy.
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