Going Classy and Glamorous in Gloves!

Gloves are an item that can add mounds of appeal and a touch of class to any outfit, yet when you think of fashion accessories, jewelry comes to mind much more than gloves.

Yet gloves can provide oodles of gorgeous glam to any garment!

There are so many types of gloves on the market, yet I am keeping this particular blog post to gloves that are worn as fashion statements and elegant apparel, as opposed to practical gloves such as mittens, driving gloves, gardening gloves, etc. From a true fashion plate and style fanatic, I find gloves much more beneficial for spicing up outfits than for sensible day-to-day weather and practical usage!

In the clothing world, we all love fancy, frilly, fabulous gloves!


Gloves generally cover the entire hands, and can stop at the wrists, or cling stylishly up your arms,  and even over your elbows. In the fashion sense, gloves can cover your hands when wearing long sleeved garments, but gloves also look incredibly pretty when worn with a short sleeved or sleeveless top or dress, and then the arms are covered by lace, silk, satin or leather gloves!

The glove becomes the sleeve! This look is elegant and trendy however you choose to go!


Gloves come in many styles, and some of the more common types of gloves are evening gloves, wedding and bridesmaids gloves, fingerless gloves and dress gloves (proms, ceremonies, etc.). Fingerless gloves make it exceptionally easy to keep your gloves on all day or evening, as you can eat elegantly with them on, remove items from your purse, etc. However, if you want to look as regal as 1940s movie stars, you can wear closed hand gloves and remove the garment seductively, one finger at a time, when you eat or need quick use of your fingers! Alluring!



Fingerless gloves are also ideal for showing off your perfectly manicured, painted up fingernails!

Fancy gloves are a perfect addition to evening clothes, whether you are going out for an expensive dinner, to the opera, to the theater, or anywhere else that you want to shine and make a grand entrance and appearance!


Some common materials that gloves are made of include leather, lace, cotton, silk, satin, linen, yarn and wool. No matter what the gloves that you have draped your beautiful hands and arms in are made from, they are certainly made to wow and charm!


The most popular types of glove sewing stitches today are hand stitched gloves, which is a very time-consuming and skilled process, and inseam gloves, which is the main stitch of glove in women’s gloves!

In addition to keeping your hands and arms warm, gloves doll up any outfit. As the true lover of fun fashion that I am, I once attended a rock concert of a major rock star, and like most glamour girls, I remember every vivid detail of the outfit that I wore. I draped myself in black patent leather high heels, black skinny jeans, a white blouse worn underneath a black velvet blazer, and I shimmied up my hands in a pair of white silk gloves that had silk bows around the wrists. The gloves were the cherry on the sundae, and the contrast of the white glove against the black sleeve of the blazer was spot on!

Did I need the gloves to keep my hands warm? Of course not!

Did I need the gloves to rock my outfit? Of course!

And rock it they did! For me, at least! And that is the main rule of being a glamour girl: dress for you! Make yourself happy! Fashion is fun, so be fearless and try new things! Never worry about what someone else might think, or cower to the notion that you might be the only one present wearing that particular item! All the better, you will be the trend setter!


It’s amazing how many beautiful gloves are available, and how such a popular item can add wonders to your wardrobe! Not to mention the visual appeal brought on by merely slipping a glove over your hand. There is something intriguing about gloves! Perhaps because they cover and hide your hands and arms, leaving one to wonder what is truly underneath your head turning gloves!


Need I say how absolutely stunning you will look carrying a knockout handbag in your gloriously gloved hand?


Gloves being worn by women as fashion statements can be traced back in history to as early as the 13th century. The gloves were made of linen and silk and often times reached the elbow. It was Queen Elizabeth in the 16th century that set the fashion for gloves that were rich in embroidery and jewels! In the Victorian era, some women would wear undersized leather gloves in an effort to shrink the size of their hands, as small hands were considered a sign of beauty.

Beauty is here to stay, from the beginning of time to the end of time!


Glamour up your hands and arms in hand cover splendor! Dress your hands in sheer shimmer!

Gloves are a fashion accessory that is always in style!

So slip your hands into pure elegance! You’ll have everyone around you spellbound and eating out of the palm of your glove!

Author Nancy Mangano is the author of two novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Nancy has mixed her love of detective work and her fetish for fashion into her novels. Visit Nancy on her author website at http://www.nancymangano.com, her author/style blog at http://www.passionforprying.wordpress.com, Twitter @nancymangano and her Facebook author fan page at Nancy Mangano.


About authornancymangano

Nancy Mangano resides in Orange County, CA. She has blended her love of detective work and style in her novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy.
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4 Responses to Going Classy and Glamorous in Gloves!

  1. Hello all, I have many vintage “everythings” … including gloves, which I wore during the early 50’s. I am presently 85 and want to wear gloves again….However, I am lacking the fashion courage to do so.

    However, after reading this blog? I AM GOING TO DO IT. I will wear a classic black trapeese style dress which has a white linen collar and very short white gloves which are saddle stitched in black thread around the fingers. I will probably add a bunch of sterling bangle braclets and a string of oversized pearls that hang very very long (way below the point of my navel) like fashionable in flapper days. Maybe I will wear a bunch of matching pearl braclets instead of the silver. ( No ear rings …they make me feel like a Christmas Tree when they dangle).

    Being 85 years old will protect me from any eye rolls as I walk to the front of the audience to accept an award I am to receive.

    Thanks for the pep talk.


    • You go Marge! Your comment to my fashion post “Going Classy and Glamorous in Gloves!” made my day. From what you described, not only will you look stunning, but you’ll radiate with glamour and with being fashion fearless! The only eye rolls will be people needing to take double-takes at how fabulous you are. Congratulations on your award and for being brave enough to be yourself and enjoy your wardrobe choices! Thank you for reading my fashion magazine!

      Nancy Mangano


  2. CIndy peacock says:

    How can I order some of your gloves ?


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