This is the Perfect Shade of Pink, I Think!

When writing my novels, I have numerous female characters that take great delight in what lipstick shades that they are wearing. I believe that this is true with many females, as is evidenced by how many color variances that you have to choose from when selecting shades of lipstick and lip gloss. And let’s face it, lipstick is one of the sexiest pieces of makeup that we can wear!

Selecting the perfect color for the perfect occasion can be grueling. Have you ever walked into a store looking for a pink shade of lipstick, thinking that you would be in and out in ten minutes or so? And what happens? We’ll play it out:

Pink, it sounds basic enough. We all know that the color pink originates from mixing the colors red and white. What we didn’t know, until we approached the lipstick counter, is that there are more shades and hues of pink than there are brands of lipsticks. And when we want just the right pink for just the right outfit, the amount of choices can be overwhelming. As the consumer, you have your pick of Passionate Pink, Perfectly Pink, Puckered Pink, Poodle Pink, Pussy Cat Pink, Hot Pink, Cold Pink, Think Pink, Prance Around Pink, Pastel Pink, Praised in Pink, Polished Pink, Pounding Pink, Pivotal Pink, Party in Pink, Pink Lemonade, Pink Parade – – – the pink supply is endless! Yet, with each catchy name of pink lipstick, each swipe of color that paints your sensuous mouth does take on a different hue of pink when the lipstick meshes with your natural lip tone. And yes, as females, we are not going to be completely satisfied with our choice of pink until we have found the precise shade of pink, and that can change from day to day and mood to mood.

I will demonstrate how imperative our shades of lipstick can be to us to pull our overall look together. This is a true story:  A few years back I was flying from Los Angeles to New York, accompanied by my children and my parents. As I was boarding the airplane at LAX, walking down the narrow aisle to my seat, my mom, who was walking behind me, said, “I like your shade of lipstick!” Now, she had been with me during the entire wait at the airport, yet she chose this exact moment to mention my lipstick. At hearing her comment, I stopped in the airplane aisle, turned my head back to face her, and said, “Thanks” as I proceeded to tell her the color and the brand. It wasn’t until I heard my dad’s voice, who was standing behind my mom and now stuck in the aisle along with all of the boarding passengers behind me, unable to move forward as I was holding up the line, say, “Why don’t you two wait to discuss your lipstick once we have found our seats!”  Interpretation:  My dad is definitely not a female! If he was, he would have joined in the conversation!

And yes, that is how important the precise shade of lipstick can be! I can’t begin to tell you how many hues of pink lipsticks are in my makeup collection, yet the pink that works for today might be all wrong for tomorrow. So, I merely take it day by day, and when I’m in the mood to wear pink, I simply finger through the various shades until I spot the container that screams to me, “I am the perfect shade of pink, I think!”  And generally, the makeup is spot on!






About authornancymangano

Nancy Mangano resides in Orange County, CA. She has blended her love of detective work and style in her novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy.
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